presbytere de sevigny

Renovation of the guest house

We bought the property in July 2003. As you can see in the photos, the buildings were in very poor condition, in particular the roof of the outbuilding which we had very quickly redone by a specialist roofer before the building sank. ‘collapses. After renovating the main house for many years, we decided to do the work on the outbuilding and turn the building into a guest house. The separate but contiguous configuration of the two buildings seemed to us to be ideal for creating guest rooms while allowing each person’s independence and privacy to be retained. We did all the work ourselves with my parents who were very helpful to us. We only had the electricity done by a professional for safety reasons. Eighteen months were needed to renovate the entire building. I admit that we take a certain pride in the result achieved because the work was not easy.

The front of the guest house: before / after.

The front of the house: before / after.

The living room: before / after.

The living room : before / after.

The small living room : before / after.

Room Ardoise et Craie : before / after.

Room Champagne : before / after.

A few more pictures of the work ...